luminare hanging pendant light

Luminare was designed for a special Mattel project for Barbie. The brief was to design a contemporary piece of furniture for Barbie's Dream House. This hanging pendant light is minimal, yet incapsulates the essence of who Barbie is by emitting sparkling light and resembling a stone. The goal was to design a structure to hold light, and emit light in a beautiful and meaningful way.



Barbie's iconic dream house is set in Malibu, and it was important for me to really envision Barbie as a person and what she would be like. This led me to draw direct inspiration for my user, directly from Los Angeles. Inspiration came from iconic LA architecture ,John Lautner, ceramics and origami. 


Ideation started with sketching, but it felt more organic in this project to ideate using 3d materials and Rhino. These tools allowed more complex shapes to form. 


This involved modeling in Rhino to get the proper angels, designing the cut outs for the windows and having the pieces cut from an outside vendor. A rough model was constructed to learn TIG welding and to double check the angles. The final pieces were assembled with a TIG weld, and then powder coated. The window pains were measured cut, partially sandblasted and installed. An LED lightbulb was built and wired through the hardware. This has a remote for it that allows the light to change colors.