Perk travel coffee mug was built with urban city dwellers in mind. It has a hidden storage compartment at the bottom of the mug that clicks into place easily. It has a detachable bike hook that screws on to the handlebars of a bicycle, allowing the user to easily slide the coffee mug on and off the hook while they are commuting to work. 



As metropolitan areas start to build more bike lanes and bike friendly roads, they are seeing significant increases in the amount of cyclists commuting to work daily. Traveling to work by bike is cost efficient, sustainable for the planet and good exercise. As more and more people ditch their cars and move towards a healthier alternative, there will be more gaps in the market for new products that cater to them.


drinking and driving

Although infrastructures are continuously being built to allow a safer commute for cyclists, it is still necessary for them to be aware of their surroundings and conscious. This is just one convenient way to allow riders to easily drink their coffee and still be able to bike to work.


This mug can also be used as a water bottle. Since it is double walled with aluminum, it maintains temperature whether hot or cold. There is a hidden compartment underneath with storage for keys, money and credit cards. This allows the bottle to have multiple functions. It can be for coffee on a morning bike ride, it can go to the gym or on a hike on the weekends. It is versatile and convenient.